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Advanced Cart Update Log

ADVCart 4.06

Released 04-25-2017
  • NEWAdded new YES/NO triggers in the config file to allow you to show or hide what credit cards you want to appear in the drop down list of accepted cards.
  • FIXEDZip Code issue for Outside US.
  • FIXEDPayPal Basic submit. PayPal updated its form and no longer allows $ and , to be sent to its form. We have fixed this.

ADVCart 4.05

Released 02-20-2017
  • NEWAdded New Terms of Agreement Box to show your terms before customer checks out. When they check out the receipt will show they agreed to the terms as well as storing the current terms to their order record in the database. This way if you change your terms later the customer order saved the original terms they agreed to when checking out.

ADVCart 4.04

Released 01-08-2017
  • FIXEDUPS Shipping Calculator not recognizing Canada Zip
  • UPDATEAdded Provence input if outside US.

ADVCart 4.03

Released 12-29-2016
  • FIXEDAlternative money_format detection function that's not available on windows.

ADVCart 4.02

Released 11-20-2016
  • FIXEDStripe Cleared Notice In Orders Database.
  • FIXEDFirstData Cleared Notice In Orders Database.

ADVCart 4.01

Released 11-14-2016
  • FIXEDStripe Zip Code Issue.

ADVCart 4.0

Released 05-09-2016
For those using 3.xx and below, please make sure to copy your settings from the old Config file to the new as there are new entries in the new config that is required in this new version.
  • NEWAdded New UPS Calculator by order total weight.
  • NEWAdded New Manual Shipping Calculator by order total weight.
  • NEW100% Responsive.
  • FIXEDCredit Card input box re-design.
  • FIXEDAdded more options to CSS for color and design control.
  • IMPROVED Improved Checkout Form.

ADVCart 3.18

Released 02-22-2016
  • FIXEDDiscount Codes above 90% had a minor calculation error. We have corrected this in this release.

ADVCart 3.17

Released 05-31-2014
For those using 3.16 and below, please make sure to copy your settings from the old Config file to the new as there are new entries in the new config that is required in this new version.
  • NEWAdded New Stripe Merchant Support. (Link)

ADVCart 3.16

Released 05-31-2014
For those using 3.15 and below, please make sure to copy your settings from the old Config file to the new as there are new entries in the new config that is required in this new version.
  • NEWAdded New FirstData Merchant Support. (Link)
  • NEWNew Shipping Function Added.We have added a new requested function for the cart shipping calculation. This function is only used when ShippingOption 1 is selected which is the Shipping Price is sent by the form. ShipPriceIncrease will allow you to control the shipping price per item added to the shopping cart or for all items. Set $ShipPriceIncreaseItem = "SINGLE" to decrease shipping per item, and set $ShipPriceIncrease to the percentage you would like to decrease per item. If you set the percentage to 100%, then when an item is added to the cart and the customer changes the item quantity of that specific item in the cart it will add the same shipping price per item quantity. So if shipping is $1, it will add another $1 to the shipping making it $2. However if you only want a slight shipping price increase based on the quantity, then the shipping price will increase by the percentage you set. From here it will continually increase shipping by your percentage as the quantity increases for that specific item. If you set to 0%, then the shipping price will not increase from the initial shipping price for that item in your cart, no matter how many item quantity they choose to set for that item. You can also set $ShipPriceIncreaseItem = "ALL" to decrease the shipping price for all cart items in total instead of per item. This will decrease shipping for all items based on all QTY.
  • FIXEDPayPal Pro Transaction ID detection fix. Issue was, if PayPal did not send Transaction ID, the cart would not store order. This has been fixed.
  • IMPROVEDFixed the included cart status file advcart-status-totalprice.php. Call this file from any webpage to see the total price so far in the cart.

ADVCart 3.15

Released 03-28-2014
  • NEWNew Tax Control For Advanced Cart. A new feature request by one of our customers has been inserted in the cart to control tax per item. Add this tag to your add to cart form to turn on or off tax for that item.

ADVCart 3.14

Released 12-19-2013
  • NEWAdded PEAR Mail Support using Pear Modular to send out emails through your own email accounts like Gmail.
  • REMOVEDRemoved Google Checkout Support. Google No longer offers this service.

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